1.5 years ago I adopted the love of my life. Other than my hubby of course.

Meet Zoey. My 9 pound poodle.

She is absolutely one of the best parts of my day. She is sweet, spunky and just so darn cute. img_9720

You are probably wondering what this has to do with home care?

Well she likes to lick everything, especially the inside of anyone’s nostrils, but that is besides the points. She licks the floor, the bathtub, sniffs around the table, eats treats off the couch and so on. I knew right away that I needed to change how I cleaned the house and did laundry. There was no way I wanted to use harsh chemicals on any surface she lick. If she got sick, or these affected her in anyway I would be so mad at myself.

So I switched all my methods of cleaning. I typically use a couple different things. Mostly Dr. Bronner’s for everything, washing dishes, surface cleaning, and almost anything you can think of. I also use tea tree oil for anything that might need some extra disinfecting. Baking soda and vinegar are good for extra dirty tasks. I switched my laundry detergent to eco nuts. I do all these things to avoid having harsh chemicals in the house that can affect me and my little family. We face enough chronic stress in our modern life and there is no need to add more via toxic cleaning supplies!