Fitness is such a personal thing. What I recommend is finding what you love and do that!

If you love walking, walk.

If you love dancing, dance.

If you love Barre, barre.

If you love Crossfit, crossfit.

If you love running, run.

If you love sports, play.

If you love yoga, yoga.

Fitness should be fun. You shouldn’t hate going to the gym to slog through another hour on the treadmill, because that isn’t going to do you any good. Try out everything and anything until you find the thing for you! I mean I highly recommend moving your body in some way. We were meant to move. But for the love of all that is good please find something you like!!

Its like falling in love. You just know. When you find the workout for you, you’ll know.

The first day I went to a crossfit class I  signed up for a year membership. I knew. I love it. My gym is called Crossfit Wolvish and as hard as it is I just LOVE being there and the feeling I am left with after a workout.

Find a way to move your body. But make sure you love it. That will keep you going back for more.