Okay I am going to tell you the straight truth. I am clumsy.

Back in elementary school I fractured both my growth plates in my ankles in the same month. I tripped over a basketball net (don’t ask how this is possible), and tripped over a soccer ball.

In high school I slammed my hand into wall, get this, well swimming, and broke it.

And it goes on and on.

Yet for some reason I love cooking and I love crossfit. I probably sustain a cooking injury on a weekly basis. Typically they are not too bad. Except that one time a couple months ago where I was chopping bacon and got the tip of my finger and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with some paramedics hanging around. I was fine. Just a little fainting spell. My poor husband was scared half to death and the doggy was cowering under the table.

img_9837Then last week I was trying this trick someone told me where you put unpeeled garlic in a pot and shake it and the garlic is supposed to come out peeled. Le me tell you the garlic did not get peeled and the pot lid sliced open my dominant index finger right in the joint. This was last Sunday. Two days ago I realized I could no longer bend my finger, it was red and puffy and yet the cut looked healed. I decided it was probably time to go to the doctor. He prescribed me antibiotics and said the hand is a hard place to get antibiotics to so if it doesn’t start to get better after 24 hours I have to go get IV antibiotics to stop and heal the infection. As he is saying all this the inside of my brain is sobbing.

I have spent the past 7 plus months trying to heal my gut flora. I definitely had some form of leaky gut/ grain intolerance situation. Trust me. I won’t tell you how I know. Even things like quinoa debilitated me. I don’t even want to talk about bagels.

Our guts are filled with bacteria. hundreds to thousands of different kinds of good bacteria that hang out and affect the way we digest food and the way we process food to get the nutrients we need.

Antibiotics cannot tell good from bad bacteria and they just target it all – which means when you take antibiotics your gut flora suffers. If you want to get all sciencey about this check out Chris Kresser’s article.  This is why sometimes when you are on antibiotics you feel crappy, and why your doctor often suggests you take them with yogurt or at the very least food.

This does not mean that we don’t sometimes need antibiotics! I completely support this wonderful doctor, and think that not being able to bend my finger due to an infection is a issue.  I will take the antibiotics. I am just sad about it.

I will also do everything I can to support my gut. I will drink homemade bone broth, some GT’s kombucha, eat some homemade sauerkraut, eat some Wildbrine probiotic salsa, eat lots of veggies, and right now I am on the hunt for some probiotic live shots (no luck so far). I also plan on taking probiotics. I know this might sound a little excessive, but I have been working so hard on building a healthy microbiome (aka a healthy gut), and I want to do everything I can to support that.

IMG_9851 (1).JPGJust to add insult to injury this morning at crossfit I jumped into the box instead of over it….sigh. #clumsypeopleproblems. When my hubs saw the cut he said well I guess it’s a good think you are already on antibiotics….and many people have since repeated that thought. So I guess it is a GOOD thing I am already on antibiotics.

…and it’s only Tuesday. Watch out week here I come.



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