‘Tis the season right – for challenges and 21 day this of 28 day that or 30 day this. And yup here I am doing one too. 

The thing is I’ve wanted to do a 21 day sugar detox – program by Diane Sanfilippo – for a while and I was just waiting for a good time. January just felt right.

The reason I wanted to do this was I love cooking but I also love baking and I love paleo treats. I have found myself craving a treat way too often lately and giving in and baking – so I want to kick that and work on changing my tastebuds perception of sweet. I have a lot of years of being both a carbaholic and a bakeaholic to make up for. My husband still wistfully looks back on this one summer in uni where I painted homes – and when it rained I couldn’t work. So when it rained I would bake. Mostly pies. Oh plus I was miserable, it was a horrible summer job, so I stuffed those feelings away with pie. My hubs can handle a little extra pie, he was landscaping that summer so he couldn’t get enough food into his body. I on the other hand have horrible memories of masking my emotions with pie. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame pie. We had pie instead of wedding cake we both like it so much – like at least 6 different flavours. But this was definitely a bad time for me in regards to eating instead of just facing the facts and quitting that stupid job. I learned a hard lesson that summer. 

Wow sorry that was a mega tangent….where was I. 

Oh yeah and I want to kick my plantain addiction. There is nothing wrong with plantains – but there is no way I need two giant ones a day. 

Let me tell you how sweet a green apple is after being immersed in this program. There is literally nothing better than a green apple with raw almond butter on it. But I do still want all the plantains – not always though which is a good start. 

I am 9 days in. 

So far to be honest it’s not bad at all! I already don’t eat most of the worst sweet offenders and processed food and because of the amount of exercise I do get to follow the athlete modifications. This means I do get some sweet potato or plantains everyday. I have been mostly sticking to sweet potato so that I can kick my plantain addiction. 

I don’t feel deprived or crappy at all. I feel pretty good. I honestly see nothing wrong with having treats, I just want to feel good when I choose them a not choose them just because I am craving something sweet. When I give into those cravings I just want something else sweet, which is not the cycle I want to get into. Plus it’s obvious I have issues with emotional eating and I wanted to do this program to start to listen, really listen to my body and give her what she needs. 

I have made a couple 21dsd approved treats. They are NOT sweet at all, and I am completely satisfied after a small serving.

For example I made these dark chocolate – and by dark chocolate I mean 100% unsweetened chocolate – raw almond butter cups. Okay these aren’t cups because I made them in an ice cube tray…but same idea. They are soooooo dark. But they are a satisfying hit of chocolate.  

I also made this pumpkin chai pudding, also totally unsweetened. It’s not really like a pudding at all because it’s pretty savoury, but covered with pumpkin seeds and with a side of green apples it’s pretty yummy. These green apples are half slathered in almond butter and half in roasted coconut butter. Then sprinkled in cinnamon. I’m gong to be honest and say cinnamon has been a lifesaver. 

What does a regular meal look like for me on the 21 dsd? Here is one example. 

That is some crispy salmon sprinkled with organic gomasio over spaghetti squash. Served with roasted green veg (brussel sprouts and broccoli), and a jicama cake topped with mashed avocado and kraut. Oh and one piece of bacon. Of course. Heaven. 

So just because you are doing a challenge doesn’t mean you need to feel deprived, you can still eat amazing food. And just know your why. 

Good luck and happy January!! 


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